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Sunday, October 22, 2017

 "Earth Dragon" detail picture, by Bettina Madini

What contribution can we all be to the earth by our willingness to be who we truly are and not hide any more, not hide our gifts any longer, not stay in the shadows of the past? The past is irrelevant, so is your judgment of you. With you judging you, you are killing the earth. The earth is asking you to step up and be YOU! To celebrate your gifts and Celebrate LIVING! Look at the sunsets, look at the brilliant colors and the SunBows!!!! They are the earth's invitation for you to choose..... Joy and be the Magical YOU you truly are! And demand of YOU to go around what you have invented as blocks. 

What if there's NOTHING blocking you, but your invented blocks? 

"Earth Dragon" Silk painting by Bettina Madini
I know, I'm a bit intense..... I see you and I adore you. But your choosing of sadness and depression are hurting me and us, and I still always think at first it's mine when I'm getting sad..... (sigh! What would it take for me to use the tools in my tool box... right away?...🙂

Each time we make a different choice and say 'No more. I'm not weak. I'm a powerful being. And I have an amazing body on this gorgeous planet! I wonder what can I create with my body? What are my gifts? What is the magic that I know of?' Each time we make a different choice and don't go into the rabbit hole, we are changing the world. So, all you WorldChangers, what can we create here? 🙂
-Joy with Creation Intro class, Earth Dragon Talking, Oct. 30, 6-8pm, at Supercharge! Foods
in Madison, WI, USA

Here is a short video about 'Earth Dragon':

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Earth Dance

"Unlimited Star Potential" by Bettina Madini

What can we create
From the heart of the hearts?
Choices like glistening pearls
In the moonlight edge of the rising sun
No energies of fight can emerge
Into the ring that courageous knowing
We sit on the blankets of her sweet greens
Amber lips and velvet sheen
With wings of umber and gold
Proven through ages of crown and beggar
and priestess and fool
We have it all. We know. We sing.
And we caress the earths invitation to not
go to gloom but glory and feast
As the doom mongers beast 
ceases to grow
But shrinks under our smiles and curls.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Un-choosing Judgment

Have you been wondering what the heck this 'Access Consciousness' is?

What CAN a class create?

Demanding of me to choose and create greater was so easy to say. 'Choosing greater' was such a huge 'Yes!' in my world, and yet at the same time so abstract. I saw what all these brilliant people, like the founders of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Dr.Dain Heer have been choosing and creating, and I was inspired and at the same time, yes, resistant. I had a big 'How?' in my world. I thought I had to make this one choice, and it's going to get greater. My struggling, the sadness and willingness to give up (yes, I've had that, a LOT) seemed so 'wrong'. 'I should be able to just change whatever is not working, to create greater, to create all the resources that would make it possible for me to create so much more and inspire everyone and everything, to purchase land and give it to the earth, like some billionaires do.' For me to travel all over the world and facilitate classes and show my art and be that which I know I came here to be. I know so much, yet I had no clue how to bring it to the world.

And I made me wrong for things to not be yet what I knew they can be. Until recently.

I chose a class that had such a huge space and a big demand-type energy. There was no way for me not to choose it. Have you ever had that? I changed plans, I changed the ways I would have computed in the past, un-chose other things that would have been impossible for me to un-choose only a few months ago, and I went to the class that challenged me in a yummy and daunting way. You know, friends, when you get the sense of dying? Oh yes, I know that one.

I chose the class nevertheless. I couldn't eat for days before the class. Danced with my team of helpers, asked the universe and the earth for help. And they did. I'm so grateful. I went to the class. And, what did it create? What did I receive?

I received the awareness of my receiving that is so vast. Yes, I have been receiving. What has been off was my asking. I have been asking with 'modesty'. My ask was sort of 2 steps forward, one step back. I'm changing that. Amping up my ask. Asking for all the gates and channels to open and all the resources to flow to me. Asking with boldness.

What else did I receive? The awareness that, if I don't step up and out, there's going to be a vast hole in the fabric that others can and will take over. If I don't step up, a brilliant, sparkling colorful contribution will never shine. And other forces that are willing to be overpowering will do so. And what might that create for the earth? If we don't shine our brilliance into the world, friends, it will be a lesser place. The world will be pale, if we don't shine.

THAT class created in my world a demand to out-create! To be out and not make me wrong! If I make me wrong, for anything, when I judge me for anything, I perpetrate evil. I perpetrate unconsciousness. No more of that. I choose consciousness.

The class also sparked the awareness that it's not ONE CHOICE that is creating the big shift, but many many tons of choices that create what we desire, if we know what we desire to create, if we choose it and commit to it. At times, our choices make us change a job, at times choosing is turning left instead of right, or buying a dress, or saying no, or whatever it is. Each choice creates.

When we have a target and ask the universe for help, we will create it. We will have it. What it takes is perseverance, patience, trust, having our own back and never ever giving up. I got all of that from what? Choice. 💚

If you are inspired by this, if I can be a contribution to you, please know I offer sessions and classes. Please contact me with your questions, and with making an appointment. I'd be so happy to spark your brilliance. You are it already. You have only buried it. There's nothing that you don't know. And I would be honored to un-burry your brilliance with my brilliance.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Magic of the Forest

 "Tree Being" by Bettina Madini

The Deep Forest, had been, over a long period of time, turned into a 'tabu', where, in fairytales, children get lost, where danger lures around every rock, where ghosts live and darkness abides. 
When I was a kid, I played on rocks high up in the Austrian mountains, and I was surrounded by trees, the winds and endless views into rolling tree dwellings. It was at times 'eerie' and I would have shivers run down my body and run back to the house my family stayed at. There was a presence, invisible. And I had nowhere to go with that rather than run. 

Modern city life has us estranged to the gifts and energies of the forest. Is it really dangerous? Is there really a monster? What if that monster (that might also abide in us) is where our phenomenal capacities wait? Where energies would love to contribute to us? Where nature beings invite us to be with them? What is speaking to us in the forest? Who or what would like to play with us? What is trying to get our attention? With awareness we will know what is around us. We will be able to receive all the information that our body gives us. What is the shiver? Do I run? Do I sit down? What is it? 

With more practice over the years, practice in awareness, receiving and question, I spent as much time as I could in forests and by trees. I lived in countries that still had trees. I bathed my crystals in springs and sang to the winds, I sat entire days on rocks in forest clearings and deer came grazing right by me. 

We were made to believe that nature is dangerous. We were made to believe that daylight was safe and nighttime was dangerous. In the insane attempt to control nature our civilization turned into maniacs that feel safe only if there is constant light and noise. Quiet, true 'nature' sound-type calm, becomes a rare commodity. Have you ever tried to record the sound of a spring, the trickling waters? I have many times. I hardly get 2 minutes of it. And that's considered lucky. Where did we go? What choice did we make that created all that? 

I was lucky to grow up in a garden. My family loved nature, although we were in the middle of a metropolitan city. My grandparents had a garden..... I will be forever grateful for their creation and their teachings. Each year, I plant seeds in their memory and see them smile.

So, friends, I invite you on a journey of receiving. What can we create on the earth, with the earth, with nature, with all beings that still live here? 

What if you are a vital part for their thrival, and for the thrival of our planet? 

I see it this way: Without each one of you, there is a hole in the tapestry of the world. Can you see that tapestry? When we don't show up and stand up and sing our song and shine in our colors, this tapestry will look pretty raggedy. Sort of a sad piece of unraveling moth-cloth. Can we afford any of us missing in that tapestry? 

You hold threads in your being that you could contribute to the weaving, by being you. With you, the tapestry will become stronger and stronger, more magnificent, precious and potent. You are not separate. We are all part of the symphony. The trees are whispering. Do you hear them?
Bettina offers a free intro call on Aug.9, noon cdt. More here:

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Magic of Choice

 "Phoenix of the New World" by Bettina Madini

Splashing waves on the beach, everything wrapped into the diffuse opaque space before sunrise. The light was eerie, and she wondered how she got to that place?

The silence was deafening, and looking around she discovered these two cats sitting on the beach, with their attention entirely focused on the glowing light emerging on the horizon. Their ears pointed up, tails curling as if checking out the space behind them without letting a blink of an eye grab their attention away from whatever they were anticipating with intensity.

She stood on the wet soft sand, at a distance behind them, everything around her vibrating with a strange energy. What was going on? In this moment, very fast, a face rose on the horizon, a red, round, huge grinning cat face, with a yellow grinning mouth and large white teeth, black eyes opening into a holographic emptiness.

The two cats, an orange tabby with thick hair, and a white short hair, started to stretch towards that sign, or symbol, theirs tails curling, totally mesmerized by the image. The energy had a magnetic attraction and it grabbed on her heart. The sign grew bigger and bigger while the cats were meowing in long, whining sounds, their heads moving rhythmically from the left to the right, as if in trance.

She didn't hesitate, turned the other way and started running away from the beach, through thick growth of sugar cane, fields and fields of dense plantations that wouldn't end. She dashed through thick brush, not paying attention to sharp leaves and branches, just running, running, running, away from that holograph. Not knowing where she went she let her body take over and kept moving at high speed. Until .... the scene changed, and she entered wide open space. To her surprise, she was soaring over wide open waters, the air fresh and clear, not a tiny breeze moved the particles in the air. She could see her reflection in the calm, clear surface of the ocean, her wide red and orange wings, her outstretched slender body and long legs. Her body didn't look too strange to her, to her surprise. After all the running and choosing to leave the mesmerizing holograph behind, not knowing where and what she ran into, just trusting her senses, she enjoyed the quiet and peace that she was now emerged in. It seemed as if she was the only being there, on what seemed like the first day of a magical creation, everything was fresh, every possible color was reflected in the skies and waters. She smoothly and effortlessly glided above the waters when she heard a voice to her left. "Isn't it beautiful here?", and she turned her feathered head, to look at a magnificent creature, with red, orange, purple, golden and green feathers, wide, huge wings, gliding right next to her.

After all, she wasn't alone. What if she had never been alone?, she wondered.

There was no one else around, and silently, they soared through space and color, with expanding hearts and the joy of possibility, in the midst of a new creation that unfolded like a living breathing canvas.

What future could they create? She smiled.

She could see how each and every choice she had ever made led her to this moment. Choosing to not choose a world that was fake and based on control and sublimation, based on images and pretense, opened the space of the unknown where nothing was guaranteed, nothing was decided or predicted. But anything was possible.

Here, in this space, she knew she couldn't fail. Why? Because she had her own back, and that was a strength, her strength, that no one could take from her. Once we choose what works for us, when we choose to not choose what doesn't work for us, we can and will create greater than what any holograph will be able to predict.

Predictability is a pale reality of holographic images all based on the past, all based on fear and control. Unpredictability is the journey of creation where we can discover what we CAN create, what we came here to create. We will not know what's behind the door before we open it, but we'll find out as we choose to walk through. And other doors will open. Each door opening more space for choice and creation.

Who could you discover if you let go of the mesmerizing lies and inventions of all the holographs that are basically huge, red-cat-grinning-faces-with-empty-black-eyes, nothing else?

If you had no idol, no symbol, no mindset to follow, what could you choose? What could you create?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ready for your Confident Embodiment?

How many of you are 'sitting on your creativity'? 

What I found is that, if we're brilliant potent creators, and we don't acknowledge it, and we don't give it a way to flow, when we 'sit on it', it creates sort of a time-bomb. If I don't make the space for painting that is a contribution to my being (and body), it really starts hurting.... I have to make sure, and I know this by now, it's vital to my being, I have to make sure with discipline of choice, no matter WHAT, to make space for the energy to flow. 

At times, I paint, at times I sing, at times I write or dance or ..... and it ALWAYS creates greater! I might not always know right away WHAT EXACTLY it creates, but it creates, and that's what interests me. CREATE CREATE CREATE. I'm a moon-sun-goddess-dragon-phoenix-and-what- else?-creator of magnitude... ARE YOU? Have you acknowledged it? 

Instead of allowing the frustration to grow like a giant weed, what can you choose? Move the paints, pour them, sing, dance, write your memoires, it doesn't matter who says what about it. Creation is what matters. When you hold this painting in your hand, when you look at your blog, when you sing to the flowers and rain drops, man, this is what counts. Earth, my friends, earth will ALWAYS listen! 

Keep creating, find an outlet of some sort. It might be that the entire world is waiting for you to make that frickin' choice..... What are you waiting for?

 "Colorful Embodiment - Confident You" 
is an invitation for you, to look at what you would like to embody here on the earth. What if nothing could stop you, get you off track, intimidate you, slow you down? You will get tools that you can use to change what doesn't allow that. What if what you know is possible is what's required for the earth to have a sustainable future?

When we are in communion with everything, what does this mean? We are willing to receive... everything. We don't resist, and we don't align. We be.

When? Friday, June 30, 2016 9:30am-6pm
Where? by Montello, WI, USA
More info and registration: