Monday, June 19, 2017

Ready for your Confident Embodiment?

How many of you are 'sitting on your creativity'? 

What I found is that, if we're brilliant potent creators, and we don't acknowledge it, and we don't give it a way to flow, when we 'sit on it', it creates sort of a time-bomb. If I don't make the space for painting that is a contribution to my being (and body), it really starts hurting.... I have to make sure, and I know this by now, it's vital to my being, I have to make sure with discipline of choice, no matter WHAT, to make space for the energy to flow. 

At times, I paint, at times I sing, at times I write or dance or ..... and it ALWAYS creates greater! I might not always know right away WHAT EXACTLY it creates, but it creates, and that's what interests me. CREATE CREATE CREATE. I'm a moon-sun-goddess-dragon-phoenix-and-what- else?-creator of magnitude... ARE YOU? Have you acknowledged it? 

Instead of allowing the frustration to grow like a giant weed, what can you choose? Move the paints, pour them, sing, dance, write your memoires, it doesn't matter who says what about it. Creation is what matters. When you hold this painting in your hand, when you look at your blog, when you sing to the flowers and rain drops, man, this is what counts. Earth, my friends, earth will ALWAYS listen! 

Keep creating, find an outlet of some sort. It might be that the entire world is waiting for you to make that frickin' choice..... What are you waiting for?

 "Colorful Embodiment - Confident You" 
is an invitation for you, to look at what you would like to embody here on the earth. What if nothing could stop you, get you off track, intimidate you, slow you down? You will get tools that you can use to change what doesn't allow that. What if what you know is possible is what's required for the earth to have a sustainable future?

When we are in communion with everything, what does this mean? We are willing to receive... everything. We don't resist, and we don't align. We be.

When? Friday, June 30, 2016 9:30am-6pm
Where? by Montello, WI, USA
More info and registration:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Never give up!

"Tree of Life Creation" by Bettina

At times, I can't help crying. For all these amazing creators that hit the walls of this reality, for their broken bones and dreams, the songs that were never heard, the colors that left the planet with them, never seen, never invited to be received by others, the paintings never painted, all the possibilities never born.

And then, I remember it's all choice.

My tears dry and the clouds pass. I turn to the earth and she smiles her flowered face at me. "It is choice.", she beams. "Their dreams are never lost. For anything to ever be lost, there would have to be an end. Is there ever an end? An end requires a beginning. Is there a beginning? And what could you find if there was never, ever, anything lost? You just haven't chosen it. What they knew was possible dawns each day on the horizon, ready to be picked up by you. It's a choice for living they haven't made. Will you choose it? Will you pick up the thread and create what YOU know is possible? Will you choose the living you know you can have? And invite the entire world to choose that too?" 

Oh, the beauty of that. What if nothing is ever lost? What if it's just a choice we haven't made, yet? Imagine.... What if we never give up?

If you have a nagging energy in your world, it might be time to ask some questions, such as

What am I aware of?
What choice can I make right now?
What choices are available for me now that were not available before?
What did I come here to create?

And just ask these questions, or any one of them, in the morning, without the need to find an answer.
Asking a true question is not about getting an answer. 
It's about opening a door that we had shut before. It's about receiving awareness and not having any conclusions. Just simply ask and go about your day.

And see what shows up. Something will ALWAYS show up! It might just look different than what we thought. So having no conclusions about it will allow the universe to bring something to us that will be so 'out-of-the-expected', it will be an energy, it might show up as a friend inviting you to a restaurant, it might be turning off the road you always drive on and finding a park that you hadn't seen before, it might be anything. And when we follow that, even if it doesn't make sense, it will create an energy. For example, sitting for half an hour in that park might allow your body to relax, might allow your head to relax, and you might have these amazing ideas, or you find a class flyer on the bench and you really love the energy of that class that you might choose to attend, and it goes on and on. 

The universe is not linear. The universe is a spiraling, connecting, moving, flowing, contributing space. Wouldn't it be fun for you to receive from that space? 

It might bring you things that push your buttons, that trigger you out of your comfort zone, and so what if it's uncomfortable?

What if what we define as comfort is the very box we try to get out of?

Ask "Am I trying to keep my comfort zone?". And what else can you choose?

What if the dawning possibilities come with discomfort? What if that energy is not discomfort but a new and different energy that invites you to dance and create with it?

What are you aware of?
What choice is dawning on your horizon that you haven't chosen yet?
What have you identified as discomfort that is the you you have been asking for?
What's can I ask for that will allow me to relax into that space of me?

Have a beautiful day, my friends!

Cheers on your journey!

p.s. Let me know if I can be a contribution to you! I offer "Rock The World" sessions in person or via phone/skype. Would you like a free Intro session? (Free only for first-timers)

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Creating Intimacy with the Earth - an Invitation to greater Receiving

"Creating Intimacy with Nature"

Are you listening when the Earth talks with you?
How much can you receive from nature ?
What if you could change anything in your life and living by Being in communion with the Earth? 
(sounds crazy?)

Join Marizete da Silva and Bettina Madini in this 3-part telecall-series where we will explore what else we can receive from nature
and what gift we can be to nature.

Do you know anybody who might be interested in opening their capacities for receiving the gift that nature is and
unlock the secrets to joyful living? Would it be light to you to invite them?

Link for registering for the class:

Investment into you: $150
And what if that receiving could sustain you and your body, your business and your life, all of us together and the earth?

3 Worldwide- Zoom Calls
The dates:
March 13, 10am CST/ 8am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET (Europe)
(Please find your local time here:
March 15, 10am CST/ 8am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET (Europe)
March 20, 10am CST / 8am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET (Europe)

You receive:
Live 90 minute calls (via zoominar), facilitation by two potent beings, 
Marizete da Silva and Bettina Madini,
you will receive the recording of the calls plus clearings
What are the infinity possibilities that you have not acknowledged yet?
What if you and your body were a Forest of Possibilities and your intimacy with nature would be
the adventure of the creation of your life and living?

Can you perceive the whispers of the trees, the stars,the sun?
Is now the time to awaken your body to have Intimacy with nature?
Are you willing to receive all and be totally present with nature?
So grateful for you on the earth!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Now is the Time!

"Now's the Time" by Bettina
oil on canva

Now is the time, my friends, for the Magic To Be ... again. Being the Giant YOU are and truly have always been. Will you step up and out? Out of wrongness? Out of judgment of you?

Magic is not just potions and spells. This is a very limited, very very tiny box of the Ease that Magical Being is. It has been twisted, distorted, used and abused... Magic is when we simply ask for something and it shows up. When we ask the whale for a last jump before we have to go pack up to catch a flight, and that amazing whale jumps... for our delight. THAT, my friends, is the magic of you the being. 

You ask and you receive. It has always been that way. You might have forgotten to ask. You might have asked for something that wasn't your smartest choice to ask for, and now it's the very thing that is limiting you. We created the limitations. We created the walls. We created our own box. We also created the resistance to it. Why, you wonder? Why creating it and then resisting it? Because that was the sure way to keep you the magical being solidly locked into the box. At first, building the box, and then, resisting it, which makes it real and solid. Even reinforces each wall. What we resist persists. Heard that before? We fuel our energy and life force into that which we resist. 

Now, how brilliant is that? It is super-brilliant! This way, we made sure that we will not be who we truly be! It is giganticly brilliant. Do you see how potent you are? You managed to prevent a volcano from being a volcano, you managed to tie the most potent dragon to the ground, you managed to keep the fire tiny tiny tiny, less that a whee match light. It took more energy to keep it whee tiny than it took to keep it going. You are brilliant. We are brilliant creators. 

And, now, what can we choose now? Keep it whee, or use our energy and brilliance for creating future?

Now is the time to .... choose again.... something different..... it costs too much to stay tiny.... it costs our joy..... it costs our being.... it costs the earth..... it costs living.... it costs oceans, lakes, rivers, giraffes, butterflies, bees, elephants, rhinos, .... it costs future.... 

Would you be willing to be the Magic you truly are? 

The dragons, unicorns, elvens, fairies and all the others that don't have names because they couldn't be confined? They are not whee. They are willing to be potent and aggressively present.

Now's the time, my friends. We are not whee. Together we are a wave of consciousness that is unstoppable, that can create anything.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Going beyond the Box

Stepping into greater 'being' comes, very often, with a big 'magnifying glass', where we are being presented with and given the opportunity to look into areas where we have tugged away judgments and points of view, unnoticed, unacknowledged and hidden. When these come up, first thing is to keep breathing, and then ask "What's right about this I'm not getting?"

Wanna hear a little story about that? Keep reading, then.

Today, I came across an old email folder, and I opened an email from 2012 that said the following "Dear Bettina, We have been busy reviewing images on ..(our website).. these past few days, and have come to the conclusion that your work is not appropriate for the markets we are trying to reach. .... Your images will not appear on our website, and no further action is required on your end. Please accept our very best wishes to you in the creation and marketing of your artwork. Sincerely, xyz".

Reading this brought up monsters and ghosts that I had shut away in some closets.... and they started all dancing around me!!!! Wow!!!! How much power had I given away to that one person, that one organization, 4 years ago (almost 5 years)? I had all kinds of emotions come up (this morning), ranging from anger, vengeance, sadness and more anger and more anger and upset and so much resistance....!!!! Clearing out all of that!!!! I was definitely NOT in allowance of their choice. There was rejection, 'not good enough' and not being willing to receive judgment.

Looking into this, I saw that I had stopped putting my art out to any organizations, always concerned about more rejection and more judgment. And, what did this create? A box. And more rejection and judgment of me and my creations. Funny is, with being an artist, I'm playing in an area of this reality where there is quite a bit of judgment, and then I refuse to receive judgment????

When I refuse to receive all the shades of judgment that anybody has about art, my art, when I refuse that, how small and hidden do I have to be? I have allowed these people with their points of view to stop me. I allowed that energy to contaminate my well of joy and creation. Like a poison. I made my being and creation so little, and I let people trample on me and my art. Wow! No more. I receive all the judgment that I chose to not receive, in any past or lifetime, I receive it all today. This is all changing now. So grateful that I have the tools now that I didn't have then. And these tools even change the past....

A good question to use is also (and I use it today!) "What does this (email or judgment) mean to me?" All the meaning that we give to things or points of view are only a story. A story that we use to stop us. A story is a box that limits what we can create, receive and be.

Could it be fun for you to access the open space beyond any box? If you would like to look into where you have created a box and you would like to get out of that box, join me on January 28th, in Wisconsin.

I'm offering a class, "A Taste of Out of the Box". More information and registration HERE

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Acknowledging my Beauty for the Gift it is

You might think it's a given. You might assume it's easy for someone who has the 'looks'. Is this actually true?

As for me, I never knew about my beauty. My parents made sure I didn't know it, as they didn't want me to be arrogant. They did everything they could so I would just feel average and ordinary. Nothing special. Every attempt of my grandmother to 'show me off' and have me dance in costumes and pretty long dresses for her friends at tea parties, dressed up like a princess (which I adored!), each one of those was 'counter-balanced' by my parents with criticism, the wrongness of that, and how my grandmother would abuse me by showing me off. I never got that that was abuse, though. I enjoyed it. There was, very early in my life already, a taunting willingness in me, to be seen, to be adored, to 'be me' in front of an audience.

My parents' point of view was that there was nothing special about me other than making sure I had good grades in school and getting a 'real job' and a solid and ordered life.

I didn't get why my friends in school excluded me, girlfriends teamed up against me, being more happy about my failures than my successes. I felt awkward and constantly 'in the wrong place'. I couldn't cross a room without being so self-conscious that I almost tripped over my feet, feeling as if I was looking at my body while being in my body. I just wanted to disappear. Which I did, energetically.

Even with a teenage acting and modeling 'career', I would always feel 'just average'. There seemed to always be something wrong about me. I was too skinny, I missed the ideal height by 0.5 inches in order to be a fashion model, my mouth was 'negative' so I couldn't really be a photo model, I never had the right set card, never had the right portfolio, the right photographer, the right chest size, the right acting school etc. Everyone was looking for the needle in the haystack, the flaw in my beauty. I was never a cheer leader, I was never popular, I never fit in.

Until many years later, my teenage-years agent told me how really good I was as an actress. She hadn't told me then. My uncle told me, when I was way into my thirties, how much he had always admired me for my bold steps. He hadn't told me until then. One of the photographers I had worked with told me that he had always thought I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. He had not told me when I was modeling and looking for jobs.

Even now, writing about my beauty, is awkward, as if I don't have the right to write about it and to even mention it. As it always made everyone shrink, as it made everyone judge me for it.
I learned that it was more important to be seen for my inner beauty, that the outer wasn't really important and valuable.

With not acknowledging it, I couldn't see it, I couldn't perceive it and I couldn't create with, I couldn't use it in ways that would work for me, I could only use it to disappear. I was in the box that I allowed everyone to put me in. The box of "Oh, she gets everything she wants just because of her beauty!", "She can have everything, just because of her beauty!". And I believed it, especially the part 'Just because of her beauty!' I went into proving that a) I can NOT have anything I desire with my beauty and b) that it's not 'just because of my beauty', but that I would be one of the best and work hard. I made it about 'Doing'. But not 'being'. I could not be me. Beauty became an un-valuable product. With beauty being such an amazing and potent flavor of my being and my body, though, I had become an invaluable, or un-valuable, product. And, as I had decided that, my surroundings reflected it to me in many ways. Ease was not part of my reality. I could not receive. I had to fight for everything. I made it hard or even impossible for me to get anything I desired. Because I had cast out big chunks of my being, I had eliminated receiving. This way, I made sure I would not be seen, this way I, the being, didn't exist. I literally had disappeared by not acknowledging the gift and beauty that I be, the gift that my beauty is and the future that I can create with my body on the earth.

Today, I change this.

Today, I choose to be me.

Today, I embrace the body that I have created, the way I created it, with all it's radiance and beauty.

Today, I bless everyone who has ever judged my beauty and who will ever judge my beauty. I receive your judgment, knowing that it's your choice and it has nothing to do with my beauty. Nothing to do with me.

Today, I acknowledge beauty as a potent and powerful catalyst of change and source for creation. I acknowledge and celebrate the beauty I am with my body.

Today, I demand of me to choose greater, to create what I know is possible, no matter what. The beauty of a butterfly, the grace of a tree, the smile of a flower that will not hesitate to be as explosive as a volcano and spit fire as a fierce dragon, all of that and more is me being. Wind, earth, water, fire of consciousness, the elven-path and tree-whisperer that walks with grace and beauty and be seen in the world. And bring forth a magical potency and invitation for creation with the infinite colors of infinite possibilities that we know with the earth.

#IAmBeauty #30DayChallenge

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Adventure of Being You

To me, the space of being, 'Being You', is more of an adventure than anything else, really. Nobody ever teaches us to 'Be You'. We never learn that 'being' is of value!

And I'm not talking about 'being' as the opposite of 'doing'. It's funny. The other day, I was looking for stock photos and I put in the search term 'being', just curious to see what would come up. And there were all these images of kids playing and nature! Quiet beaches, silent lakes, pictures of clouds. A few images showed adults meditating. THIS is what we think 'being' is.

To me, being is also a very active energy, it's creation. It's really everything. It could be a running horse, a catamaran racing across the water, fast, splashing, joyful being with the elements. Even John Muir climbing on top of a tree in a storm, swaying with the wind in the tree's crown, talking and yelling to the storm. Yes, the intensity of that AND the intensity of the silent lake. The doing is part of being, yet it's a 'doing' done from being. Makes sense?

Example: Doing from doing is all the frantic running around, loaded with 'musts', 'shoulds' and getting all the chores done, all the obligations, and tons of conclusions like "I have to make money!", "I have to pick up the kids!", "I have to clean my desk and get everything done today!" Do you get that energy? Do you know it well? How does this feel in your body? ....

'Doing from being' is different. It's when we look at our priority list and ask a question like "What needs my attention today?", "Who can I call today?" "What money am I going to receive today?" "What does my business require of me today?" And we follow whatever 'pops up' . It's more functioning from question and curiosity. Do you get a sense of that energy? And how does that feel in your body? Different?

We see this energy in nature or with kids. A butterfly or a bird doesn't make a plan for the day, as in "First, I go to that tree, and then, I must work on these flowers! And don't interrupt me, because I have to get it all done!" No, they go here and there, and they allow the wind to carry them to other places. They know that they are always going to find what they require, and they are willing to move around in non-linear ways. They are also willing to change their trajectory.

Kids do that too. They move around, they start things and don't finish them, they are here and there, and when they get bored they change what they're doing and move on.

Could we all be that to? Being is an active state of asking questions and choosing, and asking more questions and choosing. It might not make sense, but if we follow that lightness of a choice it will create something that also has that lightness to it. We will start generating our lives from that energy. Following lightness might be taking a picture and posting it, and it might be that someone sees it, and it changes their day, it might even change their life. If we follow that lightness, that light energy and we choose that, it creates something. Even if it doesn't show up right away, it creates. And better even if we don't have any conclusions about how things have to show up.

Are you willing to trust that? Even if you will never find out what exactly it created? The birds don't wait for our feedback or acknowledgement of their beauty, they keep singing and being. Their being will receive our gratitude but now wait for it.

Being is motion, it is choosing what's light. If we don't have fun, who are we being? If we don't enjoy our lives, who's life are we living?

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