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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Deep Forest Being - a Choice and Possibility

'Tree Giant', photography by Bettina Madini
"What do you see when you look at this picture?" asked the wood fairy. I gazed at the roots, mosses, the faces everywhere. 
"Imagine, you are a little tiny speck of light.... right at the roots of this giant tree.... this is the size of tree that used to be. ..." She smiled at me her gentleness, and I could tell from the depth of her green eyes that she tried to awaken something in me. "What do you know about the giants that once were?", I asked her with that shimmer of knowing dawning on the horizon of my awareness. She laughed and tiny sparkles and pollen dust swirled all around her. "That, my friend, is for you to find out! What do YOU know?", she tilted her head just a bit, and I couldn't tell whether she looked at me or slightly past me. But whatever she did there, it gave me shivers and a sense of magic. 
A wave of gratitude moved through me, and I laid down on the mossy grounds and fell asleep. My dream took me deep into the forest... I dived into flower beds, and their gentle aromas nurtured my senses. The glistening green blue waters of the ponds caressed my skin and I caressed them in return. Everything was alive, and so became I. Alive, alive! Breathing everything. The light, all the shades, strong roots of trees that had not seen a logger ever. 
Trickles of water that relieved my heart with their magical sinfonie. Invisible 'hands' and energies touching, soothing, changing everything I thought was not possible. Hope turned into knowing. Thinking vanished for Being. I swirled and danced, I sang my song of joy and gratitude. Yes, that! I know THAT! It doesn't have a name, it cannot be saved or preserved. It doesn't matter even whether it's present, past or future. It is a space that we can choose, and in the moment of our choosing it becomes a reality. It is my reality. We be it. And we receive the wonders.....We become the wonder. 
I glid from what I would describe as a dream that was not a dream, I gently glid where I was now sitting next to my fairy-friend and looking into her eyes that were universes. We didn't say a word, as there was no words. We communicated and exchanged our knowing and receiving. And the space in us and around us expanded and grew. We both grew. 
THAT is what I chose as my reality. We both smiled, and tears welled up in my eyes. Tears of gratitude and intense, peaceful joy. Nothing more to be said.
So, my friends,, we are the giants. Are you willing to recognize that about you, to acknowledge it? Then, the next questions will be: From that space, What can we create? What joy of being on planet earth can we choose and be?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

What do you know?, asked the Wood-Fairy

"What do you know?" asked the wood-fairy, and she had never been that demanding, in her voice. I had no clue what she meant by that. 

"What do you mean by what do I know? I have been at schools, universities, I have done apprenticeships and worked several high-paying jobs, so do you want me to enumerate to you all the stuff about algebra, Latin, partitions, musical scales and physics that I learned? (seriously?)", and I hoped she would say no to that, as I silently started swearing under the heavy list of so-called 'achievements' that I would have to start to quote, if she desired (because I loved her so much!). 

"No!" she giggled. "Not THAT! That's not 'knowing', that's what they make you learn by heart, based on the assumption that you actually don't know and that it has to be sort of 'hammered' into you." She looked a little bedazzled, as if she was trying to find the words to convey to me what she'd like me to receive (gosh, what a difficult job for a wood fairy that basically functions from the language of energy). 

"You know", she started slowly, "when this information is just coming to you, out of nowhere, you just simply 'know' that you know and what you know. Not from thinking or focusing, but from space of being?" "Oh! Like this morning that I told you about, when I stood by the tree, and I just knew what the tree 'told' me about the forest, not with voice or words, but I just knew what it had 'said' to me? You mean that?" Oh, she got excited and jumped! "Yes, Yes, Yes! THAT! This is what knowing is! You basically receive the information. It is all about receiving. RECEIVING, which is the one thing you did not learn in school." 

I got all joyful and so enthusiastic. What an amazing possibility! "Would you teach me that, my friend? Please?", and I was surprised about the demand that was in my question. She jumped up from the blooming mosses with resolution and the matter-of-factness that I know from the Wood-Fairydom, she stood proud and tall, with pollen and sun-particles swirling around her, saying simply 'Yes!'.....

(excerpt for you, my friends, from my world which is a book with many chapters that swirl and dance, that has no beginning and no end, and one day, maybe today, it will be one of the most magical inspirations for the future.... You are part of it, my dreaming friend. As long as you keep dreaming with me I will keep writing.... Why? Your dreaming feeds my dream, my dream is food for your dream. The dream is more beautiful with all us dreamers.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Limiting Your Creations?

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to create something?
Or, have you been trying to change something in your life, and it didn't quite show up?

Have you tried everything everyone said you should do, and it is still not the way you'd like it to be?

Welcome to your reality!

What does this mean?

It means several things:
  • You are different. Things don't work for you the same way as for others.
  • You are not wrong. (Have you made you wrong? Are you willing to stop that? Please?)
  • You are different. You are not wrong. You create in totally different ways.
  • You are irrational. You don't make sense. You most probably function more from chaos and less from order than your friends.
  • This reality shows us all the ways of 'how to do' something. It's a structure. It's how to do business, how to do relationship, how to do money, how to do love etc.  This might not be the way YOU create. You are different.
  • And again: you're not wrong, you're just different.

What if you started creating as YOU?

One of the most amazing quotes I've heard lately is this:

"Creation is only limited by the point of view we take" by Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness


It means WE limit what we can create by the points of view we take. Taking a point of view means we make it real and solid. We choose it. When you see you as a failure, that's a choice you make. That's a point of view you take. You take it. It becomes yours. And, now, you create your life based on that. And how much fun is it? Does it work for you, or does it work against you?

When you assume you must create just like everyone else is creating, that's a chosen point of view. When you conclude that you don't do it right if it doesn't turn out the way it should, that's a chosen point of view.

When you try more and more and more to create just like everyone else, you are pretending that you are just like everyone else. And is this true? No, you are not like everyone else. You are different. But you lie to you and say you're just like everyone else, and as they are successful and as you are doing it the same way as they are, as you are copying, you should also be successful, except you became a 'copy-cat', you gave up you in the process of paling you down to what you 'think' you should be to be as everyone else and be 'right'. And then, adding the cream on top of a bitter, nasty tasting not-even-chocolate-but-brown-pile, you judge you for being a failure. And that makes you even more angry.

Why does it make you angry? BECAUSE YOU LIE TO YOU.

So, what's the way out of this?

1) Start acknowledging that YOU ARE DIFFERENT. Just ask yourself "How different am I that I have never acknowledged?" and see what that question creates.

2) The moment you go to making you wrong, say 'Interesting point of view I have this point of view' (this is an Access Consciousness tool). Say it over and over and over. 'Interesting point of view I have this point of view about me.' And say it again. It might take 30-50 times. Or more. Say it until you sense the energy shifting and there is lightness in your world.

3) Ask "Who am I trying to be?" and see what that brings up. Are you willing to let that go? Who ARE you trying to be? And, are you willing to be you?

4) Ask "If I was being me, what would I choose? If I was being me, what would I create?" This will start to open the doors for you to see and really get a sense of how different you are. Anything that has a joyful, light energy to it, choose. When things are heavy and twisted, don't choose them. Follow what's joyful to you.

5) Ask "If I was creating my reality today, what would I choose? Where would I go? Who would I talk with? How much fun could I have?" Start acknowledging that you are willing to have much more fun than most (or all) people around you. That's you. If they don't like your joyful being, are they truly your friends? Do they really have your best interest in mind? (and if people say that to you, that they only have your best interest in mind, run!)

Start playing with these tools, and see what shifts and changes for you. What amazingly colorful, joyful being might show up? And what if the earth is waiting for you to choose what works for you and create your reality? Could it be that your reality is so much more fun?


All the tools in this article are derived from Access Consciousness. Find out more HERE

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Question Can Change the Energy of Any Situation

Have you ever heard that our points of view create our reality?
Whatever our points of view are determines what can show up in our lives.

Are you looking to create change in your life? Has it shown up? If you have asked for something different and it hasn't shown up (yet), there might be several ways to look at this:

1) Do you really desire the change you say you'd like to have?

2) What change has shown up?
Really. Look at what HAS changed. So often, people in my classes say that the change they had been asking for in their lives has not shown up. And when I ask them to list what HAS changed and we shift their points of view a little bit, they are always blown away about what has actually really changed. It just didn't look the way they expected.
Mark this: Expectations always get in the way of what we can receive.
If we don't expect how it has to show up, the universe can always deliver greater than what we (in our little heads) can even consider.

3)  Have you ever acknowledged what you have created?
(and note: I didn't say 'Have you ever judged what you have created?' We all are really good at that! I meant really "Have you acknowledged you?")
You ARE brilliant. You have created whatever is in your life. Your body. Your job. The place you live in. Your money. The people in your life. Your children.
No matter what is going on in your life, please start acknowledging.
Acknowledge the meals you create. When you set a beautifully decorated dinner table. When you buy flowers, or a new car. When you find this cool new outfit.
That acknowledgement is the beginning for greater, like a strong platform that you can build upon.

4) Is it your reality you're asking for?
Who's reality are you trying to create?
Are you trying to fit in?
Are you competing?
Meaning, looking at what others have and then desiring that too? (this is not wrong, don't get me wrong!) When we look over the fence to others at what they have, are we then still in our garden?
Ask: Who's reality is this? and What is my reality?

5) What points of view do you have about what you are asking for?
It might be that they are conflicting.
As an example, if you ask for a specific, let's say 'large' amount of money, and you say you desire it, if you have points of view about money, or you grew up in a family that had the point of view that money is bad, you might have that in your universe, which will then create a conflict.
The universe hears 'yes' and 'no' simultaneously and can then not deliver because you don't really ask.
Ask: If I started to create my reality now, what would I really desire to create? What would I ask for? What would be fun for me?

So, these are just a couple of ease-to-use tools for you that you can apply right away and look at.

Here is a sound taster for you so you can get an insight in the way I use to change things:

Thank you for being on the earth!

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Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

 "Earth Dragon" detail picture, by Bettina Madini

What contribution can we all be to the earth by our willingness to be who we truly are and not hide any more, not hide our gifts any longer, not stay in the shadows of the past? The past is irrelevant, so is your judgment of you. With you judging you, you are killing the earth. The earth is asking you to step up and be YOU! To celebrate your gifts and Celebrate LIVING! Look at the sunsets, look at the brilliant colors and the SunBows!!!! They are the earth's invitation for you to choose..... Joy and be the Magical YOU you truly are! And demand of YOU to go around what you have invented as blocks. 

What if there's NOTHING blocking you, but your invented blocks? 

"Earth Dragon" Silk painting by Bettina Madini
I know, I'm a bit intense..... I see you and I adore you. But your choosing of sadness and depression are hurting me and us, and I still always think at first it's mine when I'm getting sad..... (sigh! What would it take for me to use the tools in my tool box... right away?...🙂

Each time we make a different choice and say 'No more. I'm not weak. I'm a powerful being. And I have an amazing body on this gorgeous planet! I wonder what can I create with my body? What are my gifts? What is the magic that I know of?' Each time we make a different choice and don't go into the rabbit hole, we are changing the world. So, all you WorldChangers, what can we create here? 🙂
-Joy with Creation Intro class, Earth Dragon Talking, Oct. 30, 6-8pm, at Supercharge! Foods
in Madison, WI, USA

Here is a short video about 'Earth Dragon':

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Earth Dance

"Unlimited Star Potential" by Bettina Madini

What can we create
From the heart of the hearts?
Choices like glistening pearls
In the moonlight edge of the rising sun
No energies of fight can emerge
Into the ring that courageous knowing
We sit on the blankets of her sweet greens
Amber lips and velvet sheen
With wings of umber and gold
Proven through ages of crown and beggar
and priestess and fool
We have it all. We know. We sing.
And we caress the earths invitation to not
go to gloom but glory and feast
As the doom mongers beast 
ceases to grow
But shrinks under our smiles and curls.